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  • ESG Certification

    We conduct a comprehensive review of any organization and provide reliable certifications encompassing our findings.

    Utilizing a robust and transparent methodology prepared in-house and updated periodically, according to the most sophisticated standards available in each given time, our assessments are backed by data, reliable and objective.

    We rate companies based on their ESG policies, systems and measures, gathering data from multiple sources including company’s publication, Government data bank, media, NGOs or other stakeholders. A questionnaire may also be used to collect additional information from the companies.

    These findings can be certified, building a strong reputation and goodwill, while providing a reliable source on which third parties can rely for evaluations related to debt or equity funding, stakeholders and employees engagements, as well as for general business purposes.

    This evaluation covers your governance model, internal policies and processes, value chain, and activity impact in light of the double materiality criteria. With our ESG certificate, you can:
    • Showcase your commitment to ESG credentials to stakeholders.
    • Mitigate the risk of greenwashing and enhance transparency.
    • Attain competitive advantages, particularly during new market entry, tendering, and financing stages.
    • Increase attractiveness for employees, consumers, financing entities, and investors.
    • Surpass minimum standards and build a strong reputation.
    ESG conscious companies are more likely to have increased profitability, productivity, and better risk management due to their focus on sustainability, while robust ESG credentials are more attractive to customers, employees and investors