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    We approach ESG as the strategy, not just a tactic.

    Green Angle Capital is a strategicconsulting firm and an independent provider of ESG certification and training services. We actively engage assisting prominent companies cutting through ESG complexity and establishclear and astute strategies, ensuring compliance with best practices, and fostering capabilities in sustainability and human rights.

    Green Angle Capital


    Using a prior risk assessment of the effects on your operations, we guide you in formulating and implementing a comprehensive ESG strategy.

    As an independent organization, we conduct a comprehensive review of any organization, assessing its compliance and/or alignment with best ESG practices, providing reliable certifications that encompass our findings.

    We offer the most current knowledge through accelerated learning techniques to ensure the complete realization of your training objectives in an engaging and interactive manner.

    Our team of investment professionals provides guidance to organizations, assisting them in harmonizing their investment strategies with ESG objectives. Additionally, we evaluate, measure, and monitor their own or their portfolio environmental and social performance to ensure ongoing alignment with these objectives.

    Our team provides comprehensive ESG reporting solutions, guiding organizations to harmonize their mandatory and voluntary reporting practices.

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    Our mission is to create innovative solutions to sustainability challenges and unlocking commercial opportunities that meet today´s needs while preserving opportunity for future generations.

    Investors and other stakeholders expect businesses to pursue sustainability, address risks such as climate change, and commit to diversity, inclusion and equity.

    Regulations and requirements around ESG are expanding rapidly at the local, national and global levels. These trends are fueling demand for ESG-focused services and even new practices dedicated solely to ESG matters.

    With the experience and agility on the forefront of ESG initiatives, our team of experts possesses a deep understanding of industry-specific challenges and opportunities. We combine this expertise with a passion for driving meaningful change, empowering businesses to integrate environmental stewardship, social impact, and strong governance into their core strategies.

    Our multidisciplinary team combines consultancy, legal, management and IT experiences, gathered under in-house companies operating in several industries and sectors, consultants working in Big4 and counsels from the magic circle.

    We offer a seamless track-record on M&A, asset management and financial industry.
    Complementary and holistic view, combining more than 20 years of experience supporting clients across several industries to implement and operationalize sustainability, addressing their environmental, health, safety, risk and social issues.

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    We continually seek to welcome new talented and client-oriented professionals in our Team. If you are passionate about sustainability and ESG matters and want to embrace a challenging journey towards a more sustainable future, send us your Resume alongside a motivation letter to [email protected].
    We will allways revert.


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    Looking to keep your business thriving for years to come?How is your company getting ready for new standards and requirements and its backwash? Get in touch to learn how we can help you.